AusRainAR is an augmented reality rain radar visualisation and rain alarm app for Android phones


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AusRainAR is an Android phone app which displays real-time Australian Rain radar data as an Augmented Reality overlay – enabling anyone to simply look around and see the rain where-ever it is. A built in rain alarm warns of approaching rain – with options to customise how soon and how often to warn of rain.

AusRainAR is simple to use – simply start the app and it will detect your location to find the nearest rain radar, and you can then look around and literally see the rain in whichever direction you face. A distance calculator shows how far away the rain is, and with a swipe you can rewind time to see the past hour’s rain unfold in the skies.
AusRainAR presents radar imagery sourced from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology in a unique and easy to understand way – no need to study vague maps to figure out where you are, and try to guess where the rain is. With AusRainAR, you can be notified of approaching rain, then see the rain in the sky in the direction you look.
Visit AusRainAR on Google+

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