AusRainAR is an augmented reality rain radar visualisation and rain alarm app for Android phones

AusRainAR Screenshots

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Loading Screen


The loading screen lasts about 5-10 seconds – depending on your internet speed and how many of the images are already cached.

Augmented Rain Display


After loading the radar images, the app launches straight into the augmented reality display, where you can look around and see the rain. The slider along the bottom allows you to move back and forth in time to see the movement of the rain up to an hour in the past.




The settings allow you to change which radar imagery you are viewing, along with customising your location. Using GPS location may mean the application loads a little slower (particularly if you have only just turned your GPS on), but your location will be more precise.

Interactive Map


The map interface allows you to see the radar locations which are available. Clicking on a radar will select that radar as the active radar.


The map also shows your current location relative to the selected radar. You can click and drag your location anywhere to see the rain from that location.


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