AusRainAR is an augmented reality rain radar visualisation and rain alarm app for Android phones

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Updated Tablet Screenshot

In Adelaide we’ve had some good rain over the last 24 hours (much needed!) and I had the opportunity to test the app on a Galaxy Tab S 8.4″ tablet. I think this screenshot really does it justice! AusRainAR is available from the Google Play store.

Screenshot taken on Galaxy Tab S 8.4" as a band of rain approached

Screenshot taken on Galaxy Tab S 8.4″ as a band of rain approaches


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If you can’t see the map, make sure Google Play Services are up to date on your device

Just a quick note to anyone who may have trouble loading the map interface, please ensure the Google Play Services application on your device is the latest version. Typically Google Play Services will be updated automatically, however I discovered the issue while testing on a brand new device, and a manual update was required. Google Play Services can be updated from the Google Play Store.

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Updated AusRainAR screenshots

AusRainAR is available now from the Google Play Store. Head on over to the About page if you’d like to learn more.

Augmented Reality

Example of what you will see with AusRainAR on a rainy day

AusRainAR Google Maps interface showing national radars available

AusRainAR Google Maps interface showing your location and direction, along with all the national radars available

AusRainAR map with radar image overlay

AusRainAR map with radar image overlay

Animated map example

Animated map example showing multiple radars being selected

Animated example of augmentation display show multiple sequential radar images

Animated example of isolated showers developing and moving across the sky

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It finally rained last night…

Yesterday reached a top of 35°C in my home town of Adelaide, South Australia – but the Bureau of Meteorology forecast a cool change and rain in the early evening, presenting an ideal opportunity to show what AusRainAR looks like when a cold front moves in. I’ve included an image from the Bureau of Meteorology taken at the same time showing the rain moving in, and marked the approximate location where the images where taken.